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Maggie Lightman and Jimmy K. are having bad dreams. Strangers to each other, Maggie and Jimmy keep meeting in dreams that connect to unresolved losses in their lives. DGA is not a romance – but rather the story of the work two people with haunted pasts undertake before they realize their dreams. With the help of a neuroscientist investigating the phenomena of dreams, a Dream Detective, and the poet, Walt Whitman, Maggie and Jimmy discover that cities like Chicago dream too. Dreaming Grand Avenue is currently in production in Chicago.

The Team


Hugh Schulze


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Brian & Jan Hieggelke


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Christopher Rejano

Director of Photography

Filmmakers about the movie

"Dreaming Grand Avenue is the culmination of years of my own investigations into and meditations about dreams. The writer C.S. Lewis once wrote that 'You don't have a soul, you are a soul' and that idea is central to the story of Jimmy and Maggie encountering each other in dreams and discovering their shared fate in waking life."