The Players

Bringing Dreams to Life
The DGA cast includes some incredible talent. Andrea Londo (Narcos, Superfly) and Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, Finding Carter) play Maggie de la Luz and Jimmy K., respectively. Tony Fitzpatrick (Patriot, Chi-Raq) is our Dream Detective, Jack Yancy. Wendy Robie (Twin Peaks, The People Under the Stairs) is Andromeda, Queen of the Dream Realm. They’ll be joined by a the Dream Researcher, Emily Wandervogel, two members of the Potawatomi Nation, and the poet, Walt Whitman.

Andrea Londo

Maggie de la Luz

Jackson Rathbone

Jimmy K.

Tony Fitzpatrick

Jack Yancy

Wendy Robie

Andromeda, Queen of the Dream Realm

Tiffany Bedwell

Dr. Emily Wandervogel

Bryce Gangel


Tony Castillo

Ernesto de la Luz

Troy West

Walt Whitman

Ty Olwin

James K.